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Inside Avnet Embedded’s Latest Solutions


Following the launch of Avnet Embedded earlier this year, our team has been busy developing next-generation embedded compute, display, and software solutions. Our goal is to meet our customers’ demands for innovation and quality, with reduced time to market, utilizing Avnet Embedded’s platform technologies, design and manufacturing capabilities, and a world-class team of experts.

Here’s some notable news we don’t want you to miss:

Avnet Embedded and Arm lead Project Cassini:

Arm’s Project Cassini is designed to make it easy to build powerful and easy embedded computing solutions on a wide range of products, including Avnet’s award-winning SMARC i.MX8 module range. Avnet Embedded’s participation in Project Cassini brings together industrial IoT and AI solutions to deliver three technology blocks that simplify the use of Arm processors. They also include special security features such as: 

  • Robust standards delivered through the Arm SystemReady program
  • Security APIs and certifications that are developer-recognized through PSA Certified and PARSEC
  • Reference solutions and example implementations through a partner ecosystem

Cedric Vincent, Head of Avnet Embedded’s Software Technology Lab, says: “We are proud to be part of Project Cassini to facilitate the development of innovative IoT systems based on our SMARC module families with Arm processor. Thanks to the SystemReady certification and the implemented security features, IoT becomes a much simpler and safer place. Based on our decades of leadership in the design and manufacturing of industrial computing solutions, our goal is to help our customers develop the next generation of high-performance IoT and AI products.”

New IDC research on EV charging:

With a unique combination of display, compute, software, and IP&E capabilities, Avnet Embedded is focused on being one of the most contingent players in the EV Charging market. According to data from IDC, global electric passenger car sales are expected to increase from 10 million in 2020 to 57 million by 2025. Consumers view the move to electrification as essential to leading a more sustainable lifestyle and are actively switching to electric vehicles. With exclusive insights, IDC is offering a deeper look into our capabilities and our proposition in the EV Charging market. Find out more about solutions that Avnet Embedded can provide to the EV Charging industry on our dedicated EV Charging Vehicle page. You can also download the full IDC report here.

Additional exclusive technologies from Avnet:

Display Solutions

It’s one thing to design a touch-enabled display but delivering a proven and supported solution requires a guide. Our proprietary touchscreen technology provides technical and price point advantages that enable flexibility and the support of tier 1 manufactures to put our customers at a competitive edge. Take for example our (Thin Film Transistor) TFT displays. From our beloved phones to perilous medical equipment, TFT displays offer a clear and high-resolution view that you should expect to see on our everyday needed devices. With various locations around the globe, our display solutions are ready to seamlessly integrate into your innovation process. Discover more about customization and modification by contacting our team.


For more information on Avnet Embedded’s products and solutions visit our page.

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