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Witekio, an Avnet Company, Demonstrates Advanced IoT Reference Design for Heavy-Duty Vehicles at SIDO


Witekio, an Avnet Company, is showcasing the best of leading edge and cloud solutions at the Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) 2020 tradeshow through a connected crane that combines advanced cockpit control with edge computing and centralized asset monitoring in the cloud. The demo, based on technology from Avnet, NXP and Microsoft, takes the best of leading edge and cloud solutions to showcase how edge computing can meet any future challenges.

“Embedded and IoT software and hardware development is becoming more complex while time to market and cost expectations are tougher,” said Samir Bounab, Witekio chief revenue officer. ”OEMs are constantly balancing between “Make or Buy” decisions, with delayed decisions and long development processes. The Witekio connected crane demo features a pre-built solution from chip to cloud, allowing the best outcome from both approaches—make and buy.”

The architecture and the technology choices result in a versatile platform that can fit any IoT scenario and that leverages motor control requirements, edge level computing, data generation and cloud-based supervision.

The crane demo – designed for an international customer - combines the following technologies:

• Motor control solution based on the NXP i.MX RT 1050 crossover MCU

• IoT Gateway providing ‘edge level’ local control of a Crane and integration with the cloud, based on an Avnet MaaX board, that uses NXP i.MX8M family and runs Windows 10 IoT Core

• Witekio’s edge software and cloud integration expertise, UI/UX design at the edge and IoT architecture expertise

• Cloud integration with Microsoft Azure IoT

• Crane supervision and asset management using Avnet’s IoT Connect solution. With this development, Witekio proves the effectiveness of combining NXP edge technologies, Microsoft Azure IoT cloud solutions, and the Avnet IoT global offering to tackle the complexity of IoT development.

This accelerator concept finally offers a comprehensive option for OEMs looking to reduce development time for IoT projects and substantially customize a business application while maintaining industrial grade technologies inside.

“Our effort to build a joint development environment is unique, as the maze of partial IoT offerings currently in the marketplace leaves a lot of customers and projects stranded,” said Lou Lutostanski, vice president of IoT at Avnet. “This solution demonstrates the power of a well-connected ecosystem by leveraging the expertise of our newest acquisition, Witekio, and our strategic technology partners to quickly scale solutions for a huge variety of segments.”

About Witekio, an Avnet company - We help high tech makers build great software.

Witekio is an embedded and IoT software expert, engineering and integrating IoT and embedded software for any device from the hardware to the cloud. We bring along a world class recognized technical expertise on both low (OS, driver, firmware) and high level software (application, connectivity, cloud) associated with a usage knowledge on specific markets that allows the best choices in technologies and architecture for the best performance and security.

We are providing custom services for software development, integration, design, support, and training. Close working partnerships with industry-leading silicon and software vendors along with our passionate teams based in Europe, United-State and Asia has allowed Witekio to apply experience to a wide range of embedded solutions for the automotive, handheld, industrial, medical, mobile and wireless markets.

We help our customers, in all stages of development, to enable the success of their projects and maximize their efficiency, providing expertise, methods and engineering teams that enable flexible, scalable and mature system software integration.

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