Avnet Electronics Marketing Releases High-Density Xilinx Spartan-3 Development Kit

Thursday, October 21, 2004 8:00 am MST



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"The market for Spartan-3 products is hot and the Spartan-3 Development Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing is going to expand the user community even further"
PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 21, 2004--

  Hardware platform specifically designed to accelerate the creation of embedded processing designs  

Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet Inc. (NYSE: AVT), has released the Xilinx(R) Spartan(TM)-3 Development Kit featuring the 1.5 million gate XC3S1500 FPGA, specifically designed to accelerate the development of applications that use Intellectual Property (IP) Cores from Xilinx. The kit offers a complete hardware platform for system development and includes the common peripheral functions required for most embedded processing applications. In addition to its comprehensive hardware features, the kit also comes with design examples, example code and individualized technical training to enhance the development of Xilinx MicroBlaze(TM) processor-based applications. Designers can use the platform to evaluate, prototype and debug high-capacity FPGA applications in record time.

The Spartan-3 Development Kit is also compatible with more than 25 other Avnet-designed kits for networking, communications, consumer and DSP applications that can be mixed and matched to create even more powerful hardware platforms. The hardware features of the kit are optimized for embedded processing applications and include a Xilinx XC3S1500 Spartan-3 FPGA, 32MB DDR SDRAM, 16MB FLASH, 2MB SRAM, 10/100 Ethernet port, USB 2.0 port, audio CODEC, video DAC and other supporting devices. Comprehensive design examples feature the Xilinx MicroBlaze processor, Ethernet connectivity, memory interface and audio/video processing and can be used as the starting point for creating an embedded design.

The XC3S1500 FPGA, in full production using the most advanced 90nm process technology, delivers a low-cost, low-risk and highly flexible platform for companies to attain a fast time to market and avoid long development cycles and high NRE charges. Embedded soft processors, 576K Block RAM and 32 embedded 18x18 multipliers enable engineers to solve tough embedded processing and DSP challenges. The XC3S1500 also features 487 I/O pins that support 24 of the most common I/O standards. These Spartan-3 enhancements deliver more functionality and performance per dollar than previously possible.

"The high-density Xilinx Spartan-3 Development Kit is ideal for creating a complete hardware platform for applications development. The kit is an excellent way to experience the robust features of the Xilinx Spartan-3 platform FPGA and is an excellent fit for high-speed, I/O-intensive applications," explained Jim Schaeffer, senior vice president of Avnet Design Services. "When augmented by the variety of available IP Cores, compatible daughter cards and the Avnet SpeedWay Design Workshops(TM), a design engineer can have a prototype up and running in days -- not weeks or months."

"The market for Spartan-3 products is hot and the Spartan-3 Development Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing is going to expand the user community even further," stated Richard Terrill, senior manager, Spartan Solutions Marketing at Xilinx. "Our customers benefit greatly from Avnet's ability to provide complete Spartan-3 support from concept through mass production."

The Spartan-3 development kit is available for shipment today through local Avnet Cilicon sales offices, or visit the Web at for more information. Ordering part numbers and prices follow.

ADS-XLX-SP3-DEV1500 With XC3S1500 $749.00

The Spartan-3 development kit includes the following features:

-- Xilinx Spartan-3 XC3S1500-FG676

-- 2x16 character LCD

-- 128x64 OSRAM OLED graphical display

-- DB15 & video DAC

-- Audio CODEC

-- PS2 keyboard & mouse ports

-- Eight discrete LEDs

-- Piezo buzzer

-- Three 140-pin I/O expansion connectors (AvBus)

-- Up to 30 LVDS pairs

-- One 50-pin 0.1" header for easy I/O access

-- Micron DDR SDRAM (32 MB)

-- 16 MB FLASH

-- 2 MB SRAM

-- RS-232 serial port

-- 10/100 Ethernet

-- USB 2.0

-- 8-position DIP switch

-- Two push-buttons

-- Xilinx platform FLASH configuration PROM(s)

-- Parallel IV cable support for JTAG

-- Fly-wire support for Parallel III and MultiLINX(TM)

The kit will be featured in several upcoming Avnet SpeedWay Design Workshops, where engineers get hands-on experience using tools and enabling semiconductors in practical applications. To learn more about these workshops, visit

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