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Innovations for a sustainable planet


Young people are the thinkers and inventors of tomorrow.  That’s why it’s important to foster excitement and confidence in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) at an early age.


Avnet supports STEM education by providing grants and access to programs that inspire students to pursue careers in science and technology.


Recently, Hackster, an Avnet engineering community, sponsored a competition challenging students to develop innovative IoT solutions aimed at achieving a more sustainable planet. More than 100 entries ranged from monitoring greenhouse gases to studying the migration of vulnerable species.


The students behind two of the winning entries shared their stories about the projects they have created and what being involved in STEM means to them. 


  • Sashrika:  With inspiration from her father and support and education from Avnet, Sashrika developed a device for the early detection of harmful algae bloom. Watch the video to learn more about her experiences with Avnet and what she plans to focus on next.


  • Raunak:  A passionate maker, Raunak’s winning technology is designed to detect illegal sand mining. He’s already hard at work on his next project, combining his coding skills and electronics know-how to create. Watch the video and hear how he was first inspired and why STEM is important to him. 


Check out their videos here.


Another way Avnet supports STEM is through Avnet Cares, its community engagement and philanthropic initiative. Avnet Cares provides grant dollars to several STEM-based programs, including SciTech’s Chief Science Officer and STEM Little Libraries. These programs bring STEM experiences to students.


Learn how Avnet inspires next-generation technologists here.


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