Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board Rodney Adkins presides over the ten-member board of directors. Each director brings value and experience to the board in areas such as international business, finance, operations, government, human resources, engineering, marketing and academia.

photo of Rodney C. Adkins
Rodney C. Adkins
Chairman of the Board of Avnet, Inc.; Board member since 2015; President, 3RAM Group LLC
image of William (Bill) J. Amelio
William J. Amelio
Chief Executive Officer
Michael A. Bradley
Michael A. Bradley
Board of directors member since 2012; Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Teradyne, Inc.
R. Kerry Clark
R. Kerry Clark
Board of directors member since 2012; Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cardinal Health, Inc.
Photo of Brenda Freeman
Brenda Freeman
Board of directors member since 2018; CMO Magic Leap
photo of Jo Ann Jenkins, Avnet board of director
Jo Ann Jenkins
Board of directors member since 2018; CEO AARP
Photo of Oleg Khaykin, Avnet Board of Director
Oleg Khaykin
Board of directors member since 2018
James A. Lawrence
James A. Lawrence
Board of directors member from 1999 to 2008 and Since 2011; Chairman, Great North Star LLC
Avid Modjtabai
Avid Modjtabai
Board of directors member since 2014; Senior Executive Vice President, Payments, Virtual Solutions and Innovation, Wells Fargo Bank
photo of William H. Schumann, III
William H. Schumann, III
Board of Directors member since 2010