A Spotlight on Innovation at LIGHTFAIR 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019 2:41 pm MST

Avnet has been attending LIGHTFAIR International for more than a decade. This year, we showcased some truly illuminating technological developments, including our high-performance LHM201 Horticultural LED Module, designed to optimize plant growth and facilitate precision agriculture. 

With a lot of ingenuity behind this advanced lighting solution, it wasn’t the only standout in our booth. Several suppliers with whom Avnet works closely also brought their best and brightest lighting solutions to showcase: 

  • OMRON’s latest Human Sensing Vision technology used computer vision and shape identification technology to determine the location and trajectories of guests who visited the booth.
  • Infineon’s miniature 24 GHz Doppler radar device provided enhanced occupancy detection functionality.
  • Artesyn’s modular and scalable power solutions drove Avnet's LHM201 modules.
  • ON Semiconductor’s new battery-free RF SensorTags offered real-time wireless temperature and moisture data.
  • Everlight’s high-power UV-A and UV-C LEDs lent themselves to consumer and industrial applications, such as ink/film curing and germicidal sterilization.
  • Luminus’s high-intensity CXM-4 CoB array brightened up everything.

Vice president of Avnet’s Global LightSpeed Business, Cary Eskow, demonstrated all of these lighting solutions during the event. A video library can be viewed here. He and his team are already looking forward to what next year’s LIGHTFAIR International may bring, and Avnet plans to be there again next year. 


Preview Image: 
Man surrounded by LED lighting displays in trade show booth