ICYMI: Avnet Reached 1M Community Members—and is Celebrating with a Contest

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 2:58 pm MST

Avnet’s got 1 million reasons to celebrate this summer. 

Why? Because we’ve reached a milestone of 1 million community members across and element14, comprising one of the largest engineering communities on the planet to help get anyone from hobbyist to lifelong creator help inventing and vetting the next groundbreaking technology. 

While focuses on being a project-based online community for any hobbyist or developer pro interested in getting their hands dirty with programming and building hardware, element14 gets even more technical with discussions, road tests and challenges where engineers help other engineers solve their biggest challenges. 

“Communities are the best place to learn and share, especially when you are starting out or eager to explore a new domain within your area of work,” element14 member Sneha Nidhi said. member Kitty Yeung felt similarly, saying “it's not just a community for the sake of a community, but a place that naturally gathers people who are passionate about open-source hardware/software, creative projects and knowledge sharing.” 

All that developing and discussing means there are plenty of stories of engineers with access to these communities that helped them #ReachFurther. 

On social media, creators everywhere are sharing their stories of how or element14 helped them with their product development challenges. The top 5 submissions will be winners of the latest Raspberry Pi and a suite of power tools, plus also have their stories showcased so engineering community members can continue to learn from each other. 

Learn more about the contest today


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Imagine of Avnet 1 Million Community Members graphic