Avnet’s Merriman: Supply Chain is Missing Link for Many Startups

Friday, June 8, 2018 7:20 am MST

Open source hardware and software, makerspaces and crowdfunding have “democratized” the process of technology development, making it possible for individuals of all ages, backgrounds and economic means to flex their innovation muscles. But, time and again, these budding entrepreneurs find that realizing the potential of bringing “the next great thing” to market takes more than just a creative idea. The missing piece in these efforts, according to Avnet’s Emerging Opportunities Specialist Bob Merriman, is an adequate operational skillset, i.e. the knowhow for scaling a project into production or the capacity to manage the whole fund, make, produce, distribute, market and service lifecycle.

Merriman discussed these challenges, and Avnet’s growing ecosystem of design and supply chain products and services including Dragon Innovation, Hackster and Hardware Studio, in a recent Electronics Sourcing article. “In talking to startups, if we ask them ‘what are your lead times,’ they may look at us like they don’t understand the question,” said Merriman. “The idea that it could take 6, 12, or 20 weeks to get certain components is a very new concept to a lot of startups. They need help navigating the process.”

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