Premier Farnell launches new show: element14 Presents

Monday, September 10, 2018 12:42 pm MST

How do you replace a powerhouse host with a show that garnered more than 55 million views during its run? By creating a bunch of powerhouse hosts, of course.

With longtime element14 personality Ben Heck retiring The Ben Heck Show, Premier Farnell has introduced element14 Presents, a new show with exclusive builds and cutting-edge ideas to harness the same knowledge of Ben Heck, but supercharged by a changing variety of hosts and topics.

The new show will feature projects and tutorials from a rotating cast of makers and engineers from all corners of the element14 community. 

For instance, one of our new hosts is Matt Eargle. He’s always been into electronics, from circuit bending as a kid in the 1980s to Project Magnavox, where he built a home theater PC inside an old VCR display just a few years ago.

“I like to take something old and put a new spin on it—bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st century,” Matt said.

Rotating hosts also means more new episodes as well, with new editions premiering each Wednesday and Friday covering everything from fun, technically challenging projects to tutorials on important tech concepts. 

Since the launch of element14 Presents in July, we’ve already seen videos on everything from a DIY Geiger Counter built on an old Soviet surplus Geiger tube to a simple overview of resistors from what they are and how they are represented to the types of characteristics. Check out biweekly episodes of element14 Presents today! 


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image of element14 Presents YouTube program