Carla Howard: Women’s Champion

Friday, March 8, 2019 8:25 am MST

Inspired by a salient question posed by Heather Murphy in The New York Times, Avnet’s director of business transformation, Carla Howard, recently gave a TEDx Talk on the subject of leadership. In seven and a half minutes, she poignantly distilled a decades-long career in business into the answer to a crucial question: how do we encourage and inspire our girls to believe in themselves strongly enough to see themselves as capable of leadership, and to aspire toward it? 

It’s certainly a question more easily asked than answered, but Carla has some compelling ideas. While a tectonic shift in cultural perception and conversation seems difficult, to say the least, she suggests some simple first steps that we can all take to move toward a future in which young women are empowered to achieve at the highest levels. 

In her talk, she actually puts forth three notions, each as simple as they are vital: conversation, imagination and possibility. Together – through more clear and open dialogue, a more flexible understanding of what’s possible, and a deep belief that the sky truly is the limit – we can reframe our preconceptions around leadership and, in doing so, set up a generation of girls and young women for success. 

Carla is a woman on a mission. Her mission just so happens to be helping other women achieve theirs. Take a moment to watch her TEDx Talk and learn more about what Carla and Avnet are doing to help women succeed in business. Picture a Leader. Is She a Woman? 



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image of Carla Howard Avnet