Avnet Joins Microsoft and BitPay at MRC Vegas 2019

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 5:54 pm MST

Sunny Trinh, vice president of demand creation, represented Avnet on a panel at the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) conference in Las Vegas in March. Alongside business partners Microsoft and BitPay, the panel discussed Avnet’s recent announcement to accept cryptocurrency payments. This major step positions the global technology solutions provider as an industry leader and opens up exciting new opportunities for customers. 

Following the panel’s conversation, a spirited Q&A session took place with the largely receptive audience. While most MRC Vegas 2019 attendees were eager to hear more about why Avnet made the business decision to accept cryptocurrency, some were curious how long it took to implement this practice in a company as large and established as Avnet. There was also a bit of healthy skepticism among select audience members. 

The far from unexpected concerns of “too good to be true” were voiced, but the experts from Microsoft, BitPay and Avnet alleviated any anxiety. The trio spoke to the unparalleled benefits of conducting business in cryptocurrency, from lower fees and risks to higher convenience and expedience. Ultimately, the overwhelming consensus seemed to suggest that more businesses accepting cryptocurrency is exactly what many have been waiting for and what the industry needs. 

If the reception to Avnet’s move to accept cryptocurrency is any indication, we expect this trend to accelerate as more and more businesses seek out unique ways to provide choice and flexible options. 


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image of Sunny Trinh Avnet speaking at MRC