Avnet Hosting Upcoming IoT Cellular Workshop

Monday, May 6, 2019 10:58 am MST

Avnet, along with Microsoft, STMicroelectronics and Verizon, has developed a one-day hands-on workshop for IoT embedded developers interested in leveraging cellular LPWAN technology and reducing time to market. For just $99, attendees receive a complete ST developer IoT kit with on-board sensors and a whole day of interactive labs that will aim to:

  • simplify the complexities of designing a complete IoT solution using a cellular network
  • collect sensor data and send it over a cellular IoT network into the cloud, and then push results to a customized dashboard
  • provide step-by-step instructions on how to easily create a proof of concept in just one day

The workshop will include introductions from Verizon on LTE Cat-M1 and ThingSpace, Microsoft on Cloud overview and embedded strategy, and STMicroelectronics on IoT ecosystem and IoT portfolio. Additionally, a series of hands-on labs will take attendees from setup through source code browse and architecture. 

Multiple dates and locations will give interested developers from all over the country a chance to attend. The first workshop will be held in Richardson, Texas on May 9, with five more running through mid-June and taking place in California, Illinois, North Carolina and Massachusetts. For more information on this exciting educational opportunity, visit the event registration page


Preview Image: 
image of cellular towers