5 Creators Show that there is Power in Numbers in Avnet’s Communities

Thursday, August 2, 2018 12:19 pm MST

Avnet brought together the largest engineering communities in the world, and element14, to provide a forum for collaboration. To demonstrate how those communities have helped creators vet ideas and invent the latest innovations, we asked…and they told us!

Via a recent social media contest, we asked community members to share how Hackster or element14 helped them #ReachFurther. We got comments from all over the world like: “When I have questions, I put them on the element14 community and there is undoubtedly someone who has an answer” to “I am happy to be a part of 1 million Avnet community members, which connects all the like-minded people from all over the world.” 

From the many entries received, we selected five winners and below are their projects. Congratulations! 

Varadaraju’s Magic Gloves - With the help of the Hackster community, Varadaraju created a sign language translation machine.

Oliver’s Particulater - Using Hackster’s rich expertise, Oliver’s particulater easily measures air quality to improve the health of a community and avoid pollution.

Marcel’s Projects - Not just one project, Marcel has created a variety of projects from an infinity mirror to a person recognizer and object detection—all with the help of

Lahcen’s Lego Sorter - Harnessing element14’s wide variety of expertise, Lahcen utilized the software expertise in the community to help bring his Lego sorting hardware to life.

Arnab’s Quadruped Robot - Arnab leveraged the community to help him get his quadruped robot from “in his head” to built and on the street.

Learn more about how this world-class dynamic-duo community provides creators with the resources they need to bring their ideas to life and reach further. 


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Projects on developed by Marcel