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Corporate Communications / Media Relations

Christine Dotts
Vice President
Corporate Communications

Maureen O'Leary
Director, Media Relations
Corporate Communications

The following contacts are internal resources sorted by Avnet's operating groups and geography. After our internal resources, we also list the contacts available to help you from our global public relations agency, Brodeur and its regional affiliates.

Avnet Electronics Marketing
Avnet Electronics Marketing markets and adds value to electronic components, semiconductors, and interconnect, passive & electromechanical devices for its customers who are original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers. It also provides supply-chain and design-chain services.

North America
Heidi Elliott
Senior Director, Marketing Communications
Avnet Electronics Marketing
Tel: +1 480-643-7584
Email: heidi.elliott@avnet.com

EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
Georg Steinberger
Vice President, Communications
Avnet Electronics Marketing, EMEA
Tel:+49 8121-774-203
Email: georg.steinberger@avnet.eu

Asia & Japan
Jane Neo
VP, Materials Management & Marcom
Avnet Electronics Marketing, Asia
Tel: +65 6580-6007
Email: jane.neo@avnet.com

Avnet Technology Solutions
Avnet Technology Solutions supports enterprise and mid-market technology suppliers that develop and market a wide variety of technologies, including servers, storage, software, networking, security, virtualization, unified communications and mobility products and services. Vertical market solutions and enablement are also featured in select regions. Customers include software vendors, embedded original equipment manufacturers, solution providers, system builders, system integrators and value-added resellers.

Michelle Taylor
Director, Global Marketing Communications
Avnet Technology Solutions
Tel: +1 480-794-6320
Email: michelle.taylor@avnet.com

North America
Wally Campbell
Manager, Public Relations
Avnet Technology Solutions
Tel: +1 480-794-7426
Email: wally.campbell@avnet.com

Latin America and Caribbean
Karina Seir
Communications Manager
Avnet Technology Solutions
Tel: +1 305-925-8213
Email: karina.seir@avnet.com

Sirma Özkan
Vice President, Marketing
Tel: +90 216 999 53 59
Email: Sirma.ozkan@avnet.com

Michael Costigan
Vice President, Marketing and Business Innovation
Avnet Technology Solutions
Tel: +61 2-8877 0751
Email: michael.costigan@avnet.com

Our Global Public Relations Agency - BRODEUR
Avnet's global public relations agency, Brodeur, maintains offices, affiliates and account executives in strategic locations around the globe. If it is more convenient for you to contact Brodeur or a Brodeur representative, a list of key contacts is provided below:

Supporting Avnet in North America and with international coordination Brodeur
Marcia Chapman
Phone: +1 480-308-0284
Fax: +1 480-308-0310
Email: mchapman@brodeur.com

Supporting Avnet Technology Solutions Asia
Melinda Ilagan
Senior Associate
EASTWEST Public Relations
Tel: +65 6222-0306
Email: melinda@eastwestpr.com

Supporting Avnet Electronics Marketing Japan
Keiichi Komaki, Account Director
Train Tracks, Inc.
Phone: +81-3-3738-4177
Email: pr@traintracks.jp

Supporting Avnet Technology Solutions EMEA
Sue Grant
Onechocolate Communications
Tel: +44 20-7437-0227
Email: sue@onechocolatecomms.co.uk