Avnet management team

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Avnet's management team consists of our Board of Directors, Avnet Executive Board and our Global Executive Council. Each executive community serves a unique function.


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Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board William H. Schumann, III presides over the nine-member board of directors. Each director brings value and experience to the board in areas such as international business, finance, operations, government, human resources, engineering and academia.

Avnet Executive Board
The Avnet Executive Board, chaired by CEO William Amelio, consists of eight C-level executives whose recommendations have major influence and impact on Mr. Amelio's decisions as chief executive.

Global Executive Council
Serving customers in more than 125 countries, Avnet recognizes the need for meaningful dialogue, collaboration and idea sharing among its leadership team. The Global Executive Council was formed to address high-level issues, build international relationships and to encourage thinking globally while acting locally.