You’ve Got to Break Even Before You Can Break Out

Product Planner from Dragon Innovation Keeps Projects on Track
Wednesday, December 27, 2017 8:26 am MST

Successful Kickstarter campaigns aren’t just about innovative products and strategic marketing plans. The profitability of your product and the success of your campaign depend on how many units you intend to build and sell, and at what margins. Identifying and understanding part data, cost information, campaign targets and reward prices can be a lot more complicated than most hobbyists, and even maker pros, imagine.

Product Planner from Dragon Innovation, an Avnet company, can help designers optimize their bill of materials (BOM), mitigating the risk of design, supply chain and/or manufacturing issues as the project progresses. Product Planner helps users experiment with a range of selling prices and quantities to determine a range of viable price-sales target combinations.

For a free, two-week trial of Dragon Innovation’s Product Planner BOM management tool, visit For more information on Avnet’s end-to-end ecosystem supporting makers and hardware designers, visit,, element14 and Hardware Studio.




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