Braille News Reader Wins "Best IoT Project" in Hackster Android Things Contest

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 8:15 am MST

Demonstrating the incredible power oftechnology to improve lives, Android engineer Joe Birch’s BrailleBox was recently awarded the “Best IoT Project” in the Android Things design challenge sponsored by Hackster, NXP and Google.

BrailleBox is a hardware device that empowers visually impaired individuals to “read” news articles in Braille. As a grand prize winner, Birch will receive a cash award, Dragon Innovation certification, 12-month access to Dragon Innovation’s Product Planner and a personal crowdfunding coaching session from Kickstarter.

Other grand prize winners were a Distributed Air Quality Monitoring system as “Best Enterprise Project” and BrewCentral, all-grain homebrewing system for “Best Startup Project.” is part of Avnet’s comprehensive technology ecosystem created to support customers from design to delivery. Interested in learning more about Avnet’s “by engineers, for engineers” tools and resources, click here.


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